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Ingrid Bolsø Berdal

How was your first experience as an actress?
You mean as a child or as a professional? The very first experience I remeber was when I was about 7 years old, singing a song about flowers at school. The first real experience happened when I was 19, when I attended a play called «Spelet om Heilag Olav», which is a great outdoor play situated in the middle of Norway, not far from where I come from. It's a historic viking play, from the year 1030. Several hundred actors are in it, many horses, it has got gigant fighting scenes – really cool. I played an angry girl on a horse – I had never been on a horse before! I was really scared, but luckily it went well.
What are your favorite genera, and to act to see.
I like many different types of movies, it depends on my mood. Some days I like watching a brainless action movie, other days I like seeing «deeper» films. A favourite these days is the director Michel Gondry. I also like acting in different genres, I really like doing action scenes, but I also like doing quiet scenes, where it is necessary to be really consentrated and where you have to listen a lot.
Your favorite movies?
My all time favourite movie is «Terminator 2», believe it or not!
What was the last movie you've seen?
The last movie I saw was «WallE», and I liked it alot. I thought maybe it was abit long, but the first hour of the film was absolutely fantastic.

Fritt Vilt (Cold Prey) has recently arrived in Spain, two years after its premiere. Speak a little film.
Fritt Vilt (Cold Prey) is a horror film, it's situated in the cold Norway. It's beautifully shot, you get to see much of the dramatic Norwegian nature. And it's a really scary film! It was a great hit here in Norway, I hope you will like it aswell.
In the movie you see of blond, he had to dyeing to give you the role?
What do you mean? I play the dark one in «Cold Prey». I was dark at the moment, so I didn't have to do anything with my hear! But originally I'm a blonde, yes. So I had to die my hair dark for «Cold Prey 2»

Being a Nordic countries I suppose you'd have no problem skiing, is not it?
Hehe, no problem skiing in Norway, that's for sure!
Such was the process of filming? has already know someone's computer? who did more friendship ...
The filming of «Cold Prey» went really well. We were all at a big cabin up in the Norwegian mountains, filming and living on location. We were there for several weeks and got to know each other pretty well. I still hang out with some of the actors from the film, and have worked on other projects
Some curious anecdote that you will take during the movie?
No, not really :)

The hotel is really leaving a shelter?
Yes, the hotell is called «Leirvassbu», and is a regular hotell during winter and spring time. It's a great hotell, and the people that work there is absolutely fantastic.
The "hunter" impressed both live and in the movie?
Well, the guy that plays the killer in Cold Prey isn't as bad in real life! He is atually a really nice guy and we had lots of fun during the shooting of the film.
You are mother of the group, all you care for them, the more you're responsible ... really you're well?
I play "Jannicke" which cares about people, yes. She's put in a dramatic situation where she needs to make some dramatic choises. I'm not sure she knew she would be able to do the things she does in the film.

Here in Spain we have received only Cold Prey, we can tell the rest of your work?
Yes, I just had a premiere on my latest film, it's called «House of Fools», and it's about a girl hwo is comitted into a psychiatric hospital. I've also done a film called «Sons», which is a really nice one. Besides that I've done some television and alot of theatre. You can check out my page at!
Already recorded the second part of the film, as has been ?
Yes! Cold Prey 2 opens in Norway this fall, on October 10th. I'm looking forward to it. I think it will be even scarier than the first one. It looks more "real", it's abit darker, I think. It will be an absolutely great horror film!
Over the years I have been working as an actress what surprised for you in this world.
Do you mean what surprised me when I graduated from Theatre School? Well - a lot of things. Some very talented people don't get the chance, they need to do other stuff in order to make it economically. That's sad, more people should get the chance to show what they can do in the theatres. On the other hand - if you GET work, suddenly you need to work on several projects at the same time, and that can be a challenge too. The life of acting contains many "ups and downs", it's important to be able to look forward, not dwell too much on things.
A dream ?
I hope I can continue doing films and theatre. I'd really like to be a part of a really good TV-series aswell!

Who would you like to work in the future?
I would like to do different stuff. I've done a lot of heavy stuff on film up until now, I'd really like to be a part of a project that maybe is abit «lighter». I'm not all about darkness! Allthough I'm drawn towards the dark and the morbid side of living, I really enjoy a good laugh and do fun scenes aswell!
What projects are currently underway and in the future?
Right now I've taken some time off, just thinking for a while.
One million of thanks for your patience and a huge pleasure girl:)
No problem my dear friend! Have a nive day!

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