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Entrevista a Jellian Schmitz ( Babysitter Wanted ... )

- How was your first experience as an actress?
I think my first experience as an actress was probably when I was 3 and wanted something that my parents wouldn't give me at the store. Children's temper tantrums are some of the best acting I've ever seen. ;)
- I know you thanks to Babysitter Wanted, what can you tell us about that film?
Babysitter Wanted is a story of a young woman (Sarah Thompson playing Angie Albright) out on her own for the first time and the fear that accompanies her. Unfortunately for her, the fear she encounters is justified...and can be deadly.
- How did you prepare the rol for Erica.
I wanted Erica to be the anti-Angie. From everything she believed to everything she wore. Underneath any tough, and angry person is a person who has been emotionally scarred. This was the foundation of Erica. A young woman who didn't have any support, tools or love that she could use to better herself, thus remaining spiteful and enraged at everyone else.

- Some curious anecdote that you will take during this movie?
I am guessing you are referring to the 'pot smoking' scene. In this scene, Erica has been doing drugs with her 'kind of' boyfriend when Angie (played by Sarah Thompson) comes home.

- You met Sarah Thompson, did you get on well with her?
Yes. Sarah is the easiest person to get along with. I don't know anyone or anyone she wasn't just a joy to everyone around=2 0her. She is very much as sweet as her character in the film.

- The Mirror in 2007, tell us what is the film about? and how was the experience?
The Mirror is a thriller about family secrets, that sometimes are intertwined with the past. I played a 1930's MGM dancer who gets caught up in her own scandal.
- In 2009 Barry Murday, tell us what is the film about?
The film Barry Munday is a comedic coming of age film about a man trying to find himself amongst new and large responsibilities in life. A regular Joe trying to be something better but doesn't quite know how. I play a very small part as a strip club dancer.

- Your career as actress is short, before that you used to work as choreography assistant, tell as a little bit about that...
My first love is and will always be dance. I danced from the time I could walk and started taking formal dance less ons at age 7. These lessons continued throughout childhood and upon graduating at 18 years old, I moved from Minnesota, to California to train and pursue a professional career in dance. I have worked a lot in the T.V. film, and stage arenas as a dancer, choreographers assistant, and choreographer. I enjoy movement and music and sometimes feel that dancers don't get their proper credit for such cultivated talents in comparison to actors. My first experiences with acting were in high school plays and musicals. I didn't act again until the last few years. These films found me through my already acquired dance career.
- You worked as assistant in What Just Happened, did you have the opportunity to meet De Niro, Bruce Willis, Sean Pean...?
I did get to meet Robert De Niro. He was in the dance scene I was assisting on and the Choreographer Michelle Elkin and I joked with him: 'Will you be dancing later as well?' He responded with 'I forgot my leotard.' He was a very kind, focused and funny man.

- What projects are currently underway and in the future?
As of right now, I am continuing working as a dancer and assistant choreographer. I am open to acting opportunities but I don't pursue them as heavily. The business of Hollywood is a funny one. One day your unemployed and the next day your a celebrity. Anything can happen at any time.

- Who would you like to work in the future?
Anyone who is passionate about their art, focused and is proactive in raising global consciousness.

- What are your favorite genere, and to act to see.
I really like comedies. I love to make people laugh, and I love to laugh.

- Your 5 favorite movies?
1.American Beauty
2. Closer
3. Sex in the City
4. Dirty Dancing
5. Flashdance or Girls Just Want To Have Fun (what can I say? I'm a product of 80's dance movies!)

- What was the last movie you've seen?
He's Just Not That Into You. I love chick flicks too...especially ones that deal with the sociology of men and women.

- what do you think about spanish films?
I think they are often more artistic and beautiful then American films. I wish I spoke Spanish so I wouldn't have to read subtitles. ;)

- wich person or people caused more impact on you throughout your career, as human being, and as a professional?
I would have to say my mentor Joe Malone, who trained me in dance and acting. My high school acting teacher as well, Jeff Knoedler. Spiritual leaders as well, Louise L. Hay being one of them.

- A dream ?
To be working consistently and making enough money to invest in projects I believe in. And world peace. ;)

- One million of thanks for your patience and a huge pleasure girl:)

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