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Thanks for your kindness and attention and hope you enjoy this interview :) I will also interview Nathalie Press.

- How was your first experience as an actress?
My first appearing as an actress was okay , i was stressed and excited at the same time but it all went good !- Are shorts you worked Spiritual Rampage(2002),Wasp (2003),Mercy (2004),Ex-Memoria(2006),Inseparable(2007),Son (2008), The End(2008), The Undertaker(2008)...what could you say about them.It seems you like acting on shorts?
Yes , i like acting on shorts because i just want to show my fans that i'm interested in these movies , just taking a part of them makes me honored

- The Gathering in 2003,you have a small part, did you run into Christina Ricci ?
Luckily ... yes i did meet her ! she's a GREAT person

- The next year (2004) you working in My Summer of Love,how was the shooting?tell us what is the film about?
Well actually .. my summer of love is my best movie , its about a girl who is desperate after her boyfriend leaves her until she meets tamson and becomes friends with her and falls in love with her !

- How did you prepare the rol for Mona? And what about the spicy scenes, with Emily Blunt, were they difficult for you?
Well ... being mona is kind of like my personality ! i like doing dirty stuff in real life , it was stressing being a lesbian in a movie ... but emily made it easy for me ! we had fun shooting that movie !

- In 2005 you working in Chromophobia, sharing film with actors as Ralph Fienne, Ian Holm... how was the experience?
Well it was great to work with Ralph Fienne and ian ! but working with emily blunt is way better !

- Cass in 2008, tell us what is the film about? and how was the experience?
Its about An orphaned Jamaican baby who is adopted by an elderly white couple and brought up in an all white area of London and becomes one of the most feared and respected men in Britain its a movie Based on a true story!! i liked acting in cass so much ! its a great story !

- Knife Edge (2008) in my opinion one of your best films,your character was excelent.tell us what is the film about?
Its about A successful Wall Street trader returns to England with her new husband and five-year-old son, but their new start together turns into a nightmare when they move into a country house which contains a terrible secret. yeah !! all my fans think its one of my best movies ! thanks .

- How did you prepare the rol for Emma.
Preparing for the role emma .... i have to say it was difficult because emma's personality is way different than my own personality ....

- Some curious anecdote that you will take during this movie?
Well ... i can't tell you about these two movies because i'll blow it up .. so people got to watch it and give comments !

- Your next films will be The Sea Change and Telepathy, tell us what is the films about?
Well right now i'm busy filming that new movie and for the future i wish i could work with some actors i love and respect .

- What projects are currently underway and in the future?
I'd like to work with johnny depp even thought he's american ! and i don't mind doing some dirty scenes with a woman !

- Who would you like to work in the future?
FILM ... its the best !

- What are your favorite genere, and to act to see.
I love romance , dirty and drama .

- Your 5 favorite movies?
Dirty love , american pie , a walk to remember , irresistible , Gideon's Daughter .

- What was the last movie you've seen?
The young victoria .

- What do you think about spanish films?
Spanish films are so good .. i once watched a movie called sinioritta or something like that .. it was awsome .

- Wich person or people caused more impact on you throughout your career, as human being, and as a professional?
Emily blunt ... she's my friend till now ... she has a great personality that no one can resist ! we are still in touch !

- A dream ?
My dream is to increase the number of my fans and continue my job as planned and gain more success !!

- One million of thanks for your patience and a huge pleasure girl:)
Thanks !

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