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Ficha en Imdb : Brooke Lewis

Gracias por esta entrevista Brooke :) THANKS ALL BROOKE !!!

- ¿ Cual fue tu primera experiencia como actriz ? / What was your first experience as an actress ?
Llevo cantando y bailando desde muy joven, esto me llevó al teatro musical de Filadelfia, lo que me llevó a la comedia en Nueva York. Conseguí mi primer "break" en el York Off-Broadway en la comedia "Tony Nñ Tinas Wedding '" , luego pasé a hacer series de televisión como "Quintuples" y "Mafiosa", y luego actué en dramas como "Pride & Loyalty" y "Sinatra club", y luego estallé en el género de terror con películas como "Killers", "Kinky iMurders" y "Massacre City Slime" y gané el título de la "reina del grito", y luego combiné mi experiencia en la comedia,  gángster y horror y creé el papel y mi marca, soy mas conocida como ... Ms Vampy! / I was singing and dancing from a young age, which led me into musical theatre in Philadelphia, which led me into comedy in New York. I got my first “break” in the New York Off-Broadway Comedy "Tony N' Tina's Wedding", then went on to do TV sitcoms like "Quintuplets" and "Mafiosa", then acted in mobster dramas like "Pride & Loyalty" and "Sinatra Club", then broke out in the horror genre with films like "Kinky Killers", "iMurders" and "Slime City Massacre" earning the title of a "Scream Queen", then combined my experience in comedy, mobster pictures and horror and created the role and brand, which I am best known...Ms. Vampy!!!

-Te conozco gracias a Intenet :) Para todas aquellas personas que no te conozcan, hablanos un poco de ti. / I know you thanks Internet :) For the people that haven’t read anything on your guys, what tell us a little about you.
Soy actriz / productora ... / Actress/Producer/Writer/Board Certified Life Coach/Motivational Speaker/Ask The Drama Queen Advice Columnist Huffington Post/Hot Mess: 
“A native of Philadelphia, the vivacious and versatile Brooke Lewis has made an impact as both an actress and producer. Brooke relocated to New York, where she began her professional career. Her first major taste of the limelight came from Tony n' Tina's Wedding - the Off-Broadway hit comedy- in which she played the "prima donna" bridesmaid Donna Marsala. Brooke soon signed with Tazmania/Metropolitan Records and released the freestyle song "Get Me Off Your Mind". Brooke would also find success on-screen, appearing in The Rules (For Men), A Packing Suburbia and Pride & Loyalty. She headed west - to Hollywood. There, she would create Philly Chick Pictures, an endeavor designed to increase opportunities in front of the camera, as well as behind it. Since making the move, Brooke has had roles in, or on, several projects, including, Quintuplets, Mafiosa, Break, Gerald, Dahmer Vs. Gacy, Double Tap, Alien Dawn, The Mourning, Starship: Rising, Starship: The Coming Darkness and Lazarus. She starred opposite Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster) in the indie TV pilot/web series Life's A Butch. Some of this firecracker's impressive producing credits include: Circuit Riders (actress/producer), Broken Angel (co-producer), Kinky Killers (actress/co-executive producer), iMurders (actress/executive producer), The Drum Beats Twice (actress/executive producer), At The Sinatra Club (actress/producer), Slime City Massacre (actress/co-producer) and Sprinkles (actress/executive producer/producer). In March of 2009, Brooke launched the Ms. Vampy TV/talk show/web series, in which she starred, produced and co-directed! In July of 2011, Brooke went on to launch the teen smash hit TV/talk show/web series Ms. Vampy’s Tween Tawk, Teen Tawk & In Between Tawk, which won the HONOLULU FILM AWARDS 2012 SILVER LEI AWARD and the coveted 18TH ANNUAL COMMUNICATOR AWARDS (2012) AWARD OF DISTINCTION for Social Responsibility. Ms. Vampy is currently being developed into a feature film titled Vamp It Out. She was honored by as SCREAM QUEEN OF THE MONTH November 2008!!! SCARS MAGAZINE honored her with the centerfold and interview in March 2009 and she graced the October 2009 Cover of SCARS with iMURDERS Co-star Tony Todd. “VOGUE for Horror Fans” GOREZONE MAGAZINE chose her as their GOREMATE August 2010. Spreading out to SciFi, she is SIRIUS Satellite Radio’s SLICE OF SCIFI’s SLICE QUEEN. Brooke was honored by the B MOVIE GOLDEN COB AWARDS 2010 for BEST SCREAM QUEEN of 2009. Brooke won the PollyGrind Film Festival 2011 BEST ACTRESS IN A SHORT FILM AWARD and the Action On Film International Film Festival 2011 honored her with the prestigious WRITE BROTHERS EXCELLENCE IN FILM AND VIDEO AWARD. In 2012, Brooke was honored with a column, as a Contributing Writer for the prestigious HUFFINGTON POST. As if she is not busy enough, Brooke strongly believes in charity work and was chosen HOT HUNKS OF HORROR HOTTIE 2009. The amazing “hunky horror” calendar benefits the Lynn Sage Foundation for Breast Cancer Research and Brooke promoted this cause throughout the year. She is also on DREAD CENTRAL’s BOWLING FOR BOOBIES HORROR STARLETS Team to raise money and awareness for Busted Foundation and Breast Cancer. Brooke is a proud member of Women In Film and Film Independent. And, during football season (when she finally decides to take a break from working!), you will always find her at a sports bar cheering for the Philadelphia EAGLES!”

 - Has trabajado en cortos, series de TV, películas ... Cual es tu lugar favorito ? / Has worked in shorts, tv series, films ... What you liked best?
En mi carrera lo que mas me ha llevado al éxito fue el teatro y cine indie, siempre he sido un fan de la TV! No hay nada más divertido que trabajar en una serie de televisión y actuar frente a una audiencia en vivo. Pero, la realidad es que me encanta actuar más que nada en este mundo, así que me gusta la mayoría de las oportunidades que se me ofrecne, no importa el medio! Yo trato de ser selectiva en algunos de los papeles que interpreto. Me encantan los personajes que me desafían como actriz! Me siento atraída por los papeles "de carácter". Potentes, fuertse, inteligente, profundo, atrevida y sexy! / As much as my career has lead me to more success in theatre and indie film, I have always been a fan of TV! There is nothing more fun than working on a TV sitcom and performing in front of a live audience. But, the reality is that I love acting more than anything in this world, so I like most opportunities I am offered, no matter the medium! I do try to be selective in some of the roles I play. I love roles/characters that challenge me as an actress! I really am attracted to meaty “character” roles. Powerful, strong, smart, deep, sassy and sexy!

- Que recuerdas de tu primera convencion ? /  What remember your first convection ?
Recuerdo que pensé: "Esto es surrealista!" La primera vez que estallé en el horror indie la economía de EE.UU. era próspera, fui invitada a aparecer como invitado "celebridad" en muchas de las convenciones de terror. Aunque tenía fans esperando autógrafos cuando trabajaba en Broadway hace años, me sorprendió que los aficionados fueran a mi encuentro y tomar fotos! ¡Qué gran sensación! Si no fuera por los fans, no estaríamos donde estamos! También recuerdo volverme loca cuando estaba saliendo por primera vez con todas las actrices veteranas ,que me miré y me encantó crecer con ellas ... Adrienne Barbeau, Dee Wallace, Elvira, Adrienne King, etc ... SURREALISTA! / I remember thinking “This is surreal!” When I first broke out in indie horror and the US economy was thriving, I was invited to appear as a “celebrity” guest at many of the horror conventions. Although I had fans waiting for autographs when I worked on Broadway years ago, I was shocked that fans were lined up to meet me and take photos! What a great feeling! If not for the fans, we wouldn’t be where we are! I also remember freaking out when I was hanging out for the first time with all the veteran actresses who I watched and loved growing up…Adrienne Barbeau, Dee Wallace, Elvira, Adrienne King, etc…SURREAL!!!

- Te gusta el mundo del maquillaje ? / You liked the world makeup?
Bueno, todos sabemos cuánto "Brooke Lewis AMA MAKE UP en la vida real! :) Pero, sí ... Me encantan los  FX maquillaje! Yo realmente soy de la "vieja escuela" y creo que la práctica de FX es y siempre será mejor que el CG! / Well, we all KNOW how much ‘Brooke Lewis’ LOVES MAKE UP in real life! :) But, YES…I love FX make up! I really am “old school” in my visual and I just believe practical FX are and always will be better than CG!!!

- Eres productora, directora, escritora, actriz ... ¿ Cual es tu favorito ? /  You are producer, director, writer, actress ... What is your favorite ?
Ni siquiera tengo que pensar para responder a esta pregunta :) Todo lo que he hecho y hago en el negocio creativo y el entretenimiento es crear las oportunidades y posibilidades que me permitirá ser actriz! Me encanta actuar con todo mi corazón y alma! Tengo la suerte de que tengo un fuerte espíritu empresarial y la educación y, naturalmente, soy un productor sólido. También estoy orgullosa de algunas de mis obras como escritor. PERO ... nada me hace sentir mas que actuar! / I don’t even have to think to answer this question :) EVERYTHING I have done and do in the creative and entertainment business is to create the opportunities and avenues that will allow me to be an ACTRESS! I love ACTING with all my heart and soul! I am blessed that I have a strong business mind and education and am naturally a solid producer. I am also proud of some of my works as a writer. BUT…nothing feels like ACTING to me!

- Te gustan las películas de terror, no ? Recuerdas la primera películas de terror que viste ? / You liked the horror movies, no? What was the first horror movie you remember seeing ? 
Oh, sí! Yo soy una adicta al terror desde que era niña! Me acuerdo de alquiler de películas cuando tenía la edad suficiente para ver horror y todavía me encantan a dia de hoy! Yo soy de la vieja escuela, por lo que recuerdo "La matanza de Texas", "Viernes 13", "Prom Night", "El resplandor", "Carrie" y "hombre lobo americano en Londres" ... simplemente no no me puedo quedar con una! Ah, y todo lo que Brian De Palma dirigió! / Oh, yes! I was a horror junky as a little girl! I remember renting movies when I was old enough to watch horror and still love those films to this day! I am old school, so I remember “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, “Friday The 13th”, “Prom Night”, “The Shining”, “Carrie” and “American Werewolf In London”…they just don’t make em’ like that anymore! Oh, and anything that Brian De Palma directed!

- Que recuerdas de Ms.Vampy ? /  What remember " Ms.Vampy" ?
“Ms. Vampy is America's funniest, sexiest, sassiest and most high maintenance Brooklyn vampire! Her personality is as big as her hair and is often described as Betty Boop meets Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny. She loves pleather and fur and wouldn’t be caught “dead” without high heels! But, there's much more to this loveable vampiress. While she looks young and vibrant, Ms. Vampy is one of the oldest gals on earth.  At 110-years-old, she was born in 1899 in Transylvania. She was a shy and innocent child, but after a few too many shots of Lauder’s Scotch Whisky on her 18th birthday, she jumped on the bike of a tattooed mate and sealed her fate! Moments after being bitten, she grew wildly thick hair, fangs, plump lips and bodacious tatas. As she puts it, "I went from being a brainy bookworm to a blood-loving, vampire sexpot in just minutes." In the 1920s, Ms. Vampy's travels took her to New York and she fell in love with Brooklyn. It was there where she developed her attitude, sarcastic sense of humor, and ridiculous accent. She spent most of her time in the big apple filming movies and seeing Broadway shows, but she has a secret many don't know…Ms. Vampy went crazy for Philadelphia Eagles football and soon became an assistant coach, but was fired after one month for not showing up to any day games. She moved back to New York for a short time, but a torrid love affair with a very jealous and young Wall Street vampire went bad, so she headed west to seek out new friends and victims. These days, Ms. Vampy lives in her Hollywood Villa and is a Life Coach to the rich and famous. She is often seen on night shoots, shopping in Beverly Hills for Dior or hanging out at Lakers' games with her celebrity friends. She loves 80s rock and disco, her favorite band is Vampire Weekend and she never misses American Idol, The Voice or Millionaire Matchmaker on TV. Her secret dream is to join the cast of HBO’s True Blood (of course, she thinks it’s a “reality” show)! She enjoys Godiva Chocolates and Bloody Marys and she loves to play Xbox when she’s feeling feisty. While she has yet to marry or have children, she freely admits to being boy crazy and hopes to someday make-out with Robert Pattinson.  

- Que recuerdas de Polycarp ? / What remember Polycarp ( 2007 )?
Esta fue mi primera película de suspense psicológico "sexy" que, afortunadamente, comenzó mi carrera como una "reina del grito"! Tuve la suerte de trabajar con dos de mis favoritos veteranos a quien miraba y amaba cuando era niña ... Charles Durning y Michael Pare. Este thriller indie juega en Showtime tres veces por semana durante dos años y realmente me dio una gran experiencia.
"A través de una serie de horribles asesinatos, el ocultismo, la profecía bíblica y choque sexo en un cuerpo a cuerpo de la sangre derramada y el misterio, con psiquiatras, abogados, detectives de homicidios y las estrellas del rock todos son sospechosos." / This was my first “sexy” psychological thriller that fortunately began my career as a ‘Scream Queen”! I was blessed to work with two of my favorite acting vets whom I watched and loved as a kid…Charles Durning and Michael Pare. This indie thriller played on Showtime three times per week for two years and really gave me great exposure.
“Through a series of horrific murders, the occult, biblical prophecy and sex clash in a melee of gore and mystery, with psychiatrists, attorneys, homicide detectives and rock stars all being suspects.”

- Cual fue la escena mas dura en tu carrera ? / What scene was very hard in your carrer?
Una de mis papeles favoritos fue interpretar Maura en el cortometraje de Roger A. Scheck "Sprinkles". Esta fue una película de venganza y mi personaje está tratando de vengarse del hombre que la violó. Fue un Papel muy emotivo e intenso! Estoy eternamente agradecido por esto y gané Mejor Actriz en tres festivales de cine. / One of my absolute favorite roles to have played in general was Maura in Roger A. Scheck’s short film “Sprinkles”.  This was a revenge film and my character is seeking revenge on the man who raped her. Very emotional and intense role! I am forever grateful for this and won Best Actress Awards at three film festivals.

- ¿ Te gusta el mundo de la fotografia ? / You liked the world of photografy ?
Personalmente, no sé nada acerca de la fotografía, pero sí sé que estoy bendecida por tener una gran cantidad de fotógrafos de la industria del entretenimiento que quieren tomarme fotos! :) / Personally, I know nothing about photography, but I do know that I am blessed to have a lot of photographers in the entertainment industry offer to shoot me! :)

- Que persona o personas causaron mayor impacto en tu carrera ? / What person or people, caused more impack in your carrer?
Mi familia y amigos siempre han sido una fuente increíble de aliento para que siga mis sueños! Pero, estoy obsesionada con mi iconos Elizabeth Taylor y Mae West. Estas mujeres hermosas y valientes cambiaron el juego en la industria del entretenimiento! / My family and friends have always been an amazing source of encouragement for me to follow my dreams! But, I am obsessed with my icons Elizabeth Taylor and Mae West. These beautiful and courageous women changed the game in the entertainment industry!

- La ultima película que has visto ? / The last movie you've seen?
The Conjuring soy una fan de James Wan !!! / “The Conjuring”…I am a James Wan fan!!!

- Tus 5 películas favoritas /  Your 5 favorites movies ...

- Un sueño ? / A dream ?
Cariño, estoy "viviendo mi sueño"! :) Bien, mi sueño es conseguir en otra serie de televisión un día! Sin embargo, tenemos que recordar que ... disfrutar del viaje, durante el viaje a este destino!
Ah, y caer perdidamente enamorada! ¿Hay hombres calientes, simples, hombres españoles que quieran salir conmigo??? LOL! / Honey, I am “LIVING MY DREAM”!!! :) Okay, so my dream is to get on another TV series one day! But, we have to remember to…ENJOY THE JOURNEY, while traveling to our DESTINATION!!!
Oh, and, to fall madly in LOVE!!! Are there any HOT, SINGLE, SPANISH MEN there who want to date me??? LOL!!

- Thanks for all  :)
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Hola Amigo Valhalla !!! Me encanta esta mujer, es guapísima !!! Recuerdo haber visto sus videos de Ms Vampy, y que bien le quedaban los colmillos. Dan ganas de olerle el aliento, para que te seduzca y te muerda jejeje. Como persona debe ser un encanto, como se ve en la entrevista.

Gracias por publicar esta gran entrevista, eres grande Valhalla !!!

Un Abrazo :)

ValhallaGate dijo...

Buenas Shaun !!

Jejeje si, la verdad que la chica es toda una mujer salta a la vista :) pero lo mejor es que aun encima se ve un encanto de persona :)

De nadas hombre, ya sabes que siempre es un placer poder " conocer " un poco mejor a esta gente :)
Digo lo que he dicho muchas veces, que lastima que en España no exista este tipo de gente ...

Brooke Lewis dijo...

Gracias! Besos, XXXXX Brooke Lewis

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Brooke !!! is a pleasure ! thanks you for all ! GRACIAS ! :) i hope your photo ! besos !!!